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Arkansas Student Loan Authority (ASLA), through College Planning Services, provides extensive college planning information to high school students and parents. This website offers free, online scholarship searches, and provides information regarding federal aid, scholarships, grants, and Arkansas state aid. Additionally, advice and information on completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), financial aid checklists for juniors and seniors, and how best to complete scholarship applications are topics discussed on the website. Valuable college planning information is also disseminated through Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis.


ASLA College Planning Services is Arkansas's comprehensive resource of financial aid information for students and parents planning for college and assists them in their search for scholarships and financial aid.



The Arkansas Student Loan Authority is a state agency created to provide access to and information about educational funding for all Arkansas students wishing to attend institutions of higher education. For the last three decades, ASLA has helped make higher education accessible to Arkansas students. Because ASLA is a non-profit state agency we have been able to give back to the community through a variety of educational and scholarship programs.

ASLA annually publishes a "How to Pay for College" booklet in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. ASLA strives to put the booklet in the hands of every high school senior in Arkansas while also making it available to underclassmen. Working with high school counselors, college Trio counselors, and admissions offices, ASLA distributes free information and offers free assistance with college preparation and available financial aid programs.

In addition to college planning services, ASLA provides private student loans with low interest rates to Arkansas families. These loans are made available to fill funding gaps if other financial aid resources are not enough. ASLA’s motto, “We’re Here For You,” remains genuine. We are and will continue to be here for students, parents, financial aid professionals and high school counselors.