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The Arkansas Student Loan Authority, a division of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, is a state entity created to provide access to and information about educational funding for all Arkansas students who wish to attend institutions of higher education.

For over four decades, we have made higher education more accessible to Arkansas students through participation in affordable student loan programs and by providing college planning services to Arkansas families. ASLA is here to help students gain access to higher education through federal, state and private aid programs and to assist borrowers in successfully managing their student loan debt.

Arkansas Education Loans

ASLA offers affordable private loans for undergrad and graduate students to supplement the Federal Direct Loan Program. Family members and friends may also borrow on behalf of the student. Borrowers may refinance both federal and private loans under the Arkansas Education Loan Program in order to lower their interest rate and take advantage of attractive repayment plans.

Higher Ed Services

ASLA provides support to your institution and student loan borrowers through the following services:

  •    Default Management Services
  •    Student Engagement
  •    Financial Aid Support
  •    College Contact Center

College Planning Services

We support community efforts for increasing awareness about higher education through our outreach services. Working with high school counselors, college Trio counselors as well as admissions offices, we distribute free information and offer free assistance with college preparation and available financial aid programs. College Planning Services will provide the information you need to plan for college and assist you in your search for scholarships and financial aid.

In concert with our workshops, college fairs and presentations, College Planning Services provides the same information plus a focus on Arkansas’ critical career needs for nurses and teachers. Students have access to a web-based scholarship database at no charge.